We make your customers love you. By vowing
to let them skip the line. text to order. scan their proof of purchase n' go.

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New users checkout in 10 seconds.

No customer download or login

Self-serve checkout is just a text away.
All you need is a phone with data access to make purchases.

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Protect your own and your customer's identity.

Communcation is anonymous and encrypted

Swoop assigns you a local proxy number and redirects all communication from customers to you through that anonymous number. Discuss business transactions comfortably using your own cell phone, without fear of being bothered while you’re at home.

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Get paid on your terms.

Funds are available 24 to 32 hours after initiating a transfer
when using a debit card.

Swoop takes a firm approach to fees and transparency. We want our vendors and customers to know exactly where their money is going.

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More secure than your average bear

Swoop uses the same encryption standard as the NSA. Some people may call this overkill, but we think it's just about right.

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New tech in new hands

There have been points of sale before.
There have been mobile payment platforms before.
Swoop is the first to put the power of a full point of sale system in the convenient package of a mobile payment application. Furthermore, Swoop makes everything faster by not needing customers to download or login.

Keep your identity hidden

Buy and sell without ever disclosing your personal information. Never show up to a stranger’s house with a pocket of cash again.

Safe and secure

Have confidence knowing your financial information, and all transactions, are secured by the industry leading payment processor: Stripe.

Itemized invoices in seconds

Swoop lets you invoice your services, quickly and easily. Simply describe your billables, or scan the barcodes of items to be sold.

Expand your reach

Whether you’re selling your couch or your Beanie Babies, we connect you with interested customers.

Real-Time Inventory

See what’s in your customer’s basket before they ever get to a register. Prepare for the day’s customers and keep your shelves stocked with what’s popular day to night.

Set up shop anywhere

Whether you’re a popup shop, or an established brick & mortar, all you need in order to sell your products is the app. You can be up and running in a just a few short minutes.

Sell local, buy local.

Swoop is centered on local and hyper-local marketplaces. Collaborate with other shops, set up your own channel. For a limited time, vendors on swoop will receive 1 free channel a day.

Platform Agnostic

For the first time, Apple Pay and Android Pay are interchangeable. Use this flexibility to speed up your concessions lines, or have customers order from their seat and deliver directly to them (I hear the tip jar ringing).

Where can I Swoop?

Request a vendor

*We request all new vendors give the first 10 people to request them 10% OFF their first order.

Customized to fit your needs.

Swoop's software is flexible and can work in tangent with exsisting systems.
per month
  • Free phone number
  • 24-32 hour wires to a debit card
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Custom hours of operation
per month
  • Custom seating schema setup
  • Manage your own sub-vendors
  • Transaction Reconciliation
  • Quickbooks Export
  • Desktop Manager
Request Access
1 event, 7-day max
  • All options in Venue*
  • Entrance Ticketing
  • Ad-hoc Ticketing
  • Interactive map available to guests
  • Text-for-help available to guests
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Our tech is ever changing. These are our partners which
help make the magic happen swiftly, and securely.
  • mashable
  • virgin
  • forbes
  • microsoft


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